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Embark on a culinary journey at Dad and the Frog Café, where we offer the ultimate breakfast experience. Our standout menu beckons you to savor mouthwatering options. As one of the best brunch spots in Surry Hills, our café boasts an exceptional breakfast selection that caters to both classic cravings and innovative tastes. Whether you're in search of beloved staples or daring creations, our diverse offerings ensure a perfect breakfast in Surry Hills for every palate.
Our excellence extends beyond breakfast. Ranked as one of the best lunch spots in Surry Hills, we prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients, emphasizing local produce and seasonal elements. This dedication results in meals that are not only flavorful but also nutritionally rich. Upon entering our café, you'll be greeted by trendy and stylish interiors, creating an inviting ambiance suitable for those seeking a cozy retreat or a lively eatery to enjoy with friends.
Renowned for our innovative and exciting menus, our Chefs are skilled experts in the art of combining unique ingredients and techniques to craft memorable and delicious dishes. Expect creative twists on classics, surprising flavor combinations, and an unwavering focus on both quality and presentation.
Contributing to the vibrant atmosphere, our brunch spots in Surry Hills enhance the overall dining experience. With chic and modern interiors, outdoor seating options, and an energetic buzz, whether you're grabbing a quick bite or savoring a leisurely lunch, our Surry Hills lunch cafe ensures that the ambiance elevates your meal enjoyment at one of the best brunch spots in Surry Hills. Join us at Dad and the Frog Café, your go-to Surry Hills coffee and dining destination.
Breakfast - Lunch
Kitchen Open From:
Mon to Fri - 7:00am to 2pm
Sat & Sun - 8am to 2pm
All Day Brekkie

Yoghurt Granola Bowl (v) 18.90
Vanilla infused organic coconut yoghurt, poached pear, caramelised apple, toasted coconut flakes, berry compote and house made granola

Warm Spiced Porridge (v) 18.90
Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins,dried apricot, poached pears, shaved almonds and rolled oats

French Toast (v) 25.90
French toast brioche, brie cheese, berry compote, crumbled pistachio and caramelised apple
Smoked bacon +6

Eggs on the Run (v) 14.90
Two free ranged eggs of your choice with
toast and whipped butter
Egg options: poached / fried / scrambled / soft boiled
Toast options: sourdough / wholemeal / soy linseed
Gluten free toast 2pc +3
Sauteed spinach +3
Smoked bacon +6
Smashed avocado +6
Truffle mushroom +6

Chilli Scrambled Eggs (v) 21.90
Scrambled eggs cooked in browned butter and fermented chilli, sun dried tomato, fresh herbs with toasted sourdough
Spanish chorizo +6
Feta +5

Daddy’s Brekkie Burger 19.90
Fried egg, house made hash brown, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo, tomato relish and mixed leaves in a burger bun
Choice of: bacon / pork sausage patty / halloumi
Extra bacon +6
Extra pork sausage patty +6
Extra halloumi +6
Extra fried egg +3

Truffle Magic Mushroom 26.90
Mushrooms, pancetta, two poached eggs, sour cream and black truffle oil on toasted wholemeal
Sauteed spinach +3
Smashed avocado +6

Chorizo Baked Eggs 26.90
Spanish chorizo, house baked eggs, Napoli sauce, baby spinach, mozzarella with toasted soy linseed
Extra Spanish chorizo +6
Truffle mushrooms +6

Toast with Spread (ve) 8.90
Spread options: vegemite / peanut butter / house seasonal jam / whipped butter
Toast options: sourdough / wholemeal / soy linseed
Gluten free toast 2pc +3
Smashed avocado +6

Signature Dishes 

Avocado and Halloumi (v) 24.90
Smashed avocado, grilled halloumi, two poached eggs, house made dukkha, pickled onion, herb oil and chilli jam on toasted sourdough
Smoked bacon +6
Grilled salmon +9

Crispy Hash Brown Eggs (v) 24.90
Three house made hash browns, soft boiled egg, dukkha, baby heirloom tomato, chilli jam, spiced yoghurt dressing and fresh herbs
Smoked bacon +6
Smashed avocado +6

Served with a side salad

Kimchi Chicken 20.90
Marinated grilled chicken, house kimchi, fermented chilli, garlic aioli, parmesan and mozzarella in toasted sourdough

Reuben Hood 21.90
Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, gherkins and house made sauerkraut in toasted wholemeal

The Italian Job (v) 19.90
Red peppers, charred eggplant, tomato relish, kale basil pesto, parmesan, mozzarella in toasted soy linseed
Pancetta +6
Marinated grilled chicken +6

Served with a side of crispy roast potatoes 

Southern Fried Chicken Burger 24.90
Southern fried chicken tenders, mixed leaves, tomato, Swiss cheese, sriracha mayo in a burger bun

Classic Double Cheese Burger 24.90
Double house beef patty, melted cheese, mixed leaves, garlic aioli, caramelised onion and tomato relish in a burger bun
Double beef patty +6
Smoked bacon +6
Fried egg +3

Falafel Burger (v) 22.90
(vegan option available)
House falafel, beetroot hummus, baby spinach and tomato in a burger bun
Smoked bacon +6

Nourishing Bowls

1. Choose a base:
Kabocha Salad (v) 26.90
Kale, red quinoa, spiced Japanese pumpkin, pickled Spanish onion, tahini yoghurt, radish, crumbled feta, pomegranate, lemon honey dressing and dukkha

Jewelled Couscous (v) 24.90 
Jewelled pearl couscous, dried nuts and fruits, fresh herbs, jalapeno, house mint yoghurt and baby spinach

Brown Rice Super Bowl (ve) 23.90
Brown rice, kale, roasted kumera, edamame, dried cranberries, shaved almonds, lemon mustard dressing and balsamic glaze

2. Choose a protein:
Harissa Grilled Chicken
Grilled Salmon +3


Falafel Bowl 3pcs (v) 12.90
With tahini yoghurt dip

Hash Brown Bowl 3pcs (v) 12.90
With harissa yoghurt dip

Southern Fried Chicken 15.90
Tenders 3pcs
With sriracha mayo

Mixed Green Salad Bowl (ve) 12.90
With baby heirloom tomatoes and lemon, honey dressing

Roast Potato Bowl (ve) 9.90
With rosemary salt

Kids Menu

Ham and Cheese Toastie 11.90

Waffles and Ice Cream (v) 12.90
Two waffles, vanilla ice cream, poached pear and maple syrup


grilled salmon 9

marinated grilled chicken / Spanish chorizo 6 / smoked bacon / smashed avocado / truffle mushroom / halloumi / pork sausage patty / beef patty

feta 5

gluten free bread 2pc / 1 house hash brown 3 / sauteed spinach / 1 egg / fermented chilli / chilli jam / seasonal jam / toast 1pc

Vegemite / peanut butter / whipped butter 2
tomato relish / chipotle mayo
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