Breakfast Takeaway
Available all day
Brekkie Roll + Regular Coffee [Takeaway Only]                      15
Choice of bacon / sausage patty / halloumi (v)
with chipotle mayo, tomato relish & fried egg
         hashbrown                                                          +3
         extra egg                                                             +3
coffee extras / non dairy milk / syrups                                  +50c

Brekkie Burrito (v)                                                              12
Scrambled eggs, spinach and tomato relish
smoked bacon                                                          +4
smoked salmon                                                        +4
chorizo                                                                     +4

Bircher Muesli Pot (v)                                                         12
Evia Greek yoghurt with apple juice, pepitas, dried cranberries, cinnamon, chia seeds, blueberries and shaved almonds

Yoghurt Granola Pot (ve)                                                   12
Vanilla infused organic coconut yoghurt, poached pear, caramelised apple, berry compote and house made granola

Avocado on Toast (ve)                                                         12
Smashed avocado with black sesame seeds on toasted soy and linseed

Quiche of the Day                                                                       12.50
Choice of quiche Lorraine or pumpkin (v)

Toasted White Sourdough / Soy + Linseed / Wholemeal /   8
Croissant (ve, GFO)
Choice of whipped butter / Vegemite / peanut butter
gluten Free Bread (2pc)                                            +3
add an egg of your choice - poached / fried / scrambled +3

Savoury Croissants                                                            10
Smoked ham and Swiss cheese in freshly baked croissant
Fresh sliced tomato and Swiss cheese in freshly baked croissant

Ham or Tomato & Cheese Toastie                                          12
With smoked ham and Swiss cheese in toasted white sourdough
Fresh sliced tomato and Swiss cheese in toasted white sourdough

Toasted Sandwiches

Kimchi Chicken                                                                    20
House spiced chicken, house kimchi, fermented chilli, garlic aioli, parmesan and mozzarella in sourdough

Reuben Hood                                                                         21
Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, gherkins and house sauerkraut in rye

The Italian Job (v)                                                               19
Red peppers, grilled capsicum, tomato relish, kale pesto, parmesan and mozzarella in sourdough
marinated grilled chicken                                        +6
pancetta                                                          +4


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger                                           22
Marinated grilled chicken tenders, Roma tomato, Swiss cheese, sriracha mayo in a milk bun

Classic Cheese Burger                                                               22
With beef patty, grilled cheese, mixed leaves, sliced tomato, caramelised onion in a milk bun

Falafel Burger (v)                                                                 20
Crispy house falafel, beetroot hummus, baby spinach and sliced tomato in a milk bun

Daddy’s Brekkie Burger                                                     19
Fried egg, house made hash brown, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo, tomato relish and mixed leaves in a burger bun.
Protein options: bacon / sausage patty / halloumi (v)
extra smoked bacon, pork sausage patty or halloumi      +6
extra fried egg                                                +3

Nourishing Bowls

Kabocha Salad                                                                      26
Harissa grilled chicken, kale, red quinoa, spiced Japanese pumpkin, pickled Spanish onion, tahini yoghurt, radish, crumbled feta, pomegranate, lemon honey dressing, roasted walnuts and grilled chicken

Jewelled Couscous and Halloumi (v)                                           24
Jewelled pearl couscous, grilled halloumi, fresh herbs, jalapeno, house mint yoghurt and baby spinach

Smoked Salmon Salad                                                               26
Smoked salmon, charred asparagus and broccolini, dried cranberries, diced avocado, baby spinach, cherry tomato, shaved almonds, balsamic glaze and lemon honey dressing
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